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Wyatt’s Spain Trip

Since May of last year I had my calendar marked for Spain in November. I knew it would be 6 days of skateboarding and little time to rest in between. In the weeks leading up to the trip I questioned if I should slow down on my number of classes per week to make sure my legs weren’t too worn out. I decided maybe I should do a little more stretching after but not actually lighten my workload. 6 days leading up to the trip I broke my foot in a basketball game. I was saddened and unsure of how I could manage 6 days on a broken foot. Once I packed my bag, strapped on my walking boot, and made my way to the airport I knew it wouldn’t be easy. After day 1 I rented a Florida beach bike; single speed, and a seat post that was too low. As soon as I got on the bike I almost ran into a pedestrian but quickly felt like I was back in the saddle. A few days later I had spent about 15 hours on the bike; it became my second pair of legs. I decided to let my friends catch the metro to a place that was about 4 hours away by foot. Around the halfway point of this journey I realized the elevation was going to increase and it had no plan of stopping. After about 2000 ft of climbing, and two hours later I finally met up with my friends. We continued to explore the city and around 7pm I decided to leave them for another solo journey. 10 miles and an hour later I arrived at our Airbnb before the guys made it back. Looking back I realized that absolutely none of this would’ve been possible without all of the cycling I’ve done at Off the Chain; I’ve said it a couple times during my rides that “what you do on the bike will reflect your actions outside the studio” and it couldn’t have been anymore true.

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