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How Cycling Has Helped Ashley’s Running

Running is my vice. I run every day and absolutely adore my time where it’s just me, my headphones, and the route of my choice! I continuously train for races and find myself longing for the next race soon after I cross the finish line of my current one! The adrenaline is addicting! This past summer, Wyatt encouraged me to start learning more about the Spin World and I suddenly had my running bubble popped! Spinning has taken my training to the next level. My strides have become longer, cross training gives ease to my body, and my endurance levels have increased dramatically. Spinning exercises a completely different muscle set and it is evident when I run now. I feel stronger, leaner, and more fit than ever. This 2-3 times a week commitment has provided me with countless benefits in my running career. I most definitely will not be parting with my running shoes, but they are now typically paired with some type of OTC gear!

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