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Holiday Survival Guide

The National Institute for Health estimates that the average American gains one pound from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. Although this sounds like a trivial amount of weight, these extra ounces typically hang on for the rest of the year. After 10 to 20 holiday seasons, it becomes an issue. Each new year, many people

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how cycling helped ashley's running

How Cycling Has Helped Ashley’s Running

Running is my vice. I run every day and absolutely adore my time where it’s just me, my headphones, and the route of my choice! I continuously train for races and find myself longing for the next race soon after I cross the finish line of my current one! The adrenaline is addicting! This past

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wyatt's spain trip

Wyatt’s Spain Trip

Since May of last year I had my calendar marked for Spain in November. I knew it would be 6 days of skateboarding and little time to rest in between. In the weeks leading up to the trip I questioned if I should slow down on my number of classes per week to make sure

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