about off the chain (otc)

Dynamic Workouts

Whether you are motivated by stats and figures, top notch instructors, heart- pounding music, or just want to have fun OTC has got it all. Our Instructors strive to get you through the workout and leave you feeling good about your effort.

New Technology

At OTC we utilize equipment that tracks your performance.

Custom Classes

Competitive streak? Race against other riders! Not your thing? Compete against yourself instead. Either way you’ll get caught up in the beat and forget the burn!

At OTC we couple hot tracks from all genres with Spivi Studio, an interactive multimedia system created for indoor cycling studios. Data from bike sensors is collected and combined with personal information stored on the cloud to generate unlimited virtual visuals, group simulation, and leaderboards all in real-time!

  • Real-time performance data display of heart rate, calories and
  • Immersive cycling experience with real-time performance data
    tracking. Provide the ultimate indoor cycling experience for your
  • Pure cycling data tracking with fitness tests, challenges and live
    leaderboard. Train like pros and see your progress over time.

Track Your Results

See the improvement! The proof is in the numbers. OTC offers different Cycling class options to tone every muscle in your body while improving your state of mind! We’re more than just a place to sweat. OTC provides a family atmosphere that empowers our athletes (yeah, you!) to use the strength built inside the studio as a tool to live a healthy happy lifestyle.


Our cycling classes are designed as high intensity interval training rides, ridden to the beat with varying levels of resistance and tempos.levels of resistance and tempos.


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