3 Reasons Why Indoor Cycling is Great for Runners

Indoor cycling is great for anyone who is training for a race regardless of if it is your first 5k or your 100th marathon. Cross-training is key to having a successful training cycle.

4 Reasons Why Indoor Cycling is for Men and Women

If you are a man and have been thinking that indoor cycling is just for women, we want to tell you why you should consider changing up your workout routine and head into the studio today!

Avoid these 5 Mistakes as a First Time Rider

Our team at OTC wants you to have the best ride possible whether it is your first ride or your 100th. That is why we are sharing the mistakes we often see our newer riders making so hopefully you can avoid them.

How to Spend the 4th of July in Harford County

Our instructors are gearing up for our 4th of July rides and we cannot wait to share our playlists with you!

OTC’s Favorite Healthy Summer Activities

After the winter we had here in Harford County this year, everyone is itching to get outside. We know we are! Which is why we are sharing some of our instructors favorite healthy summer activities that they will be enjoying when they are off the studio bikes.

What to Eat After an Indoor Cycling Class

Last week we shared what foods to avoid after a workout. Now, we are sharing the different ways our instructors fuel up after a hard ride.

What Not to Eat After an Indoor Cycling Class

You just crushed your workout, now comes the question - what are you going to eat? Fueling your body right after your sweat session is critical to building muscle and reaching your goal weight.

What to Eat Before an Indoor Cycling Class

We often get asked by our riders what they should be eating before and after their workouts. So we decided to ask around the studio. Now, we are taking that question in two parts. This week, we are talking about what to eat before your next class to help you achieve your best stats yet!

Memorial Day Fitness in Harford County

At OTC, we have you covered this Memorial Day Weekend to help you enjoy all of your backyard BBQs, time with family, and getting your sweat on!

What Our Instructors Want New Riders to Know

If you ask any of our instructors to share with your their best tip for new riders to OTC or indoor cycling in general, they will tell you to remember to have fun and enjoy the ride!

5 Key Things to Bring to Your First Cycling Class

At OTC, we want you to feel comfortable and prepared for your first class so make sure you bring these five things with you, arrive a few minutes early so we can get you all set up on a bike, and be prepared to fall in love with something new!

5 Ways to Move Past the Sore Butt and Love Indoor Cycling

At OTC, we will never promise you that you will not be sore the day after calls. We can’t promise you that your butt won’t hurt from sitting on a bike seat. What we do promise you is that soreness will help lead you to great things and you will get used to the bike seat.

How to Reduce your Risk of Injury during an Indoor Cycling Class

Have you ever walked into a cycling class and been so intimidated by all the levers on the bike that you just sat down and pretended it was set right for you? Maybe you moved to a different bike that felt a little better? At OTC, we want to help make sure this doesn't happen to you.

4 Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Are you looking to torch calories but don’t have a lot of time? Did you know at OTC you can burn up to 600 calories in just a 45 minute class? The best part, you don’t have to be an experienced cyclist to do so. We welcome all fitness levels to our classes and our instructors are pumped to show you a great time and get a great sweat on while you do so. If you are still on the fence, keep reading to find out more of the benefits of indoor cycling.